Vertigo Healed Using Easy Head Balance Exercises

By: Christian Goodman

You’re not alone.

Vertigo and dizziness are the most common issues doctors receive. (1)

And contrary to common knowledge, these are not just minor annoyances to be ignored.

Vertigo and dizziness can have severe consequences…

Such as being the leading cause of head injuries and broken bones in people over 55.

This often leads to head fractures, loss of cognitive function – even death – due to brain bleeding. (2)

And if you frequently suffer vertigo and dizziness, you’re at a substantially elevated risk of sudden stroke and heart attack. (3) (This could happen any minute now)

Which means…

You Must Address Your Vertigo And Dizziness Today!

But how?

The traditional medical system has few resources when it comes to vertigo and dizziness. (4)

Most doctors say it’s a normal part of aging and at best advise you not to stand up too quickly.

But it’s not…

Nobody should have to suffer the nauseating effects of vertigo. Nor the devastating effect of falling.

So What Is The Solution?

In my experience, almost all cases of vertigo and dizziness have the same two underlying causes. And the solution is, therefore, the same.

The Two Causes Of Vertigo & Dizziness:

  1. There is a miscommunication between the “balance readers” in your ears, eyes, and body, due to muscle tension around these fragile systems. (5)


  2. Your brain is not getting enough oxygen delivery (6)
    (at least some of the time).

After witnessing too many vertigo tragedies, I developed a simple set of exercises to help my clients.

These exercises are aimed at strengthening the balance system and significantly reduce vertigo and dizziness episodes by:

The Solution:

  1. Loosen up and strengthen the muscles around the balance system. We do these with gentle movements of these muscles.


  2. Help deliver more blood up to the head and towards the brain. We use light breathing exercises as well as loosening up the muscles in the neck that tend to block blood flow.

The exercises are so easy that virtually everyone can do them, no matter your age or physical shape.

… without even breaking a sweat!

Many readers have reported that in addition to the designed benefits, they feel more energized and clearer mind after doing the exercises.


So without further delays…

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